About Me

NAME: Cynthia Vance

AGE: 22

MY STORY: Let me start off by saying I love martial arts. I could never really grasp as a kid the meaning and importance of it despite the fact that it was always around me. I remember being completely in awe at a very young age of this middle aged Japanese man who would practice Tai Chi before and after these spiritual seminars that my parents would always drag me to.

I've always been a fan martial arts. From boxing, to kick-boxing and to the now popular combat sport of MMA... There's something glorious and yet very personal about it. But it never crossed my mind that I could ever do it until I saw a group of women doing kickboxing. I've always been the least athletic person. I hardly did any sports throughout my school years and never really excelled at anything physically. But something clicked in my head after filming their women's kickboxing class that this was something I was GOING to do.

And well... here I am. I started training in April of 2011. I now currently train in Boxing and Kempo. I was born and raised in Yokohama, Japan and now currently live and train out of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.